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Please enter the serial number for each Oticon Intent 1 hearing aid that you purchased to receive the qualifying rebate amount. For example, if you purchased two hearing aids you must enter both serial numbers in order to receive a $200 rebate.

To verify your switch, please upload an image of your previous hearing aid/s next to your new Oticon Intent 1 hearing aids using the photo upload box below. Hover here to see a sample image.

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T&C Disclaimer: Purchases of Oticon Intent 1 hearing devices must be made by December 31, 2024. Please allow 60 days from receipt of the online rebate form to receive your rebate check. Eligible participants will receive a $200 rebate check for the purchase of a pair of Oticon Intent 1 hearing devices or a $100 rebate check for the purchase of a single Oticon Intent 1 hearing device. This offer is not eligible for purchases part of (i) any federal or state subsidized programs, including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA, or receiving benefits/services from (ii) Voc Rehab, Nations Benefits/Nations Hearing, EPIC/United Hearing, TruHearing Choice, Hearing Care Solutions, HearUSA, AudioNet, Great Lakes Provider Network, AZ Hear Care Network, Amplifon Hearing Health Care, Simpli Hearing, VA Community Care/VA Choice, United Hearing – AARP, Non-profit pricing, HearingLife, Kaiser Permanente or private label products. This offer is only eligible to participants who have previously worn a hearing aid that was not one of the following brands: Oticon, Bernafon, Sonic or Phillips. Rebates are not valid on returned hearing aids and apply only to the purchase of Oticon Intent 1 hearing aids. See a complete list of terms and conditions . If you have any questions about your rebate check, please email

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